About Us

About us

The Great Xilumani And The Chief Musicians is an international multi-currency digital platform which enables buyers to purchase and download music and videos globally.

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The platform deals with music,videos,documentaries and film productions.For trademark licensing and distribution contact thegreatxilumani@gmail.com

For it is indeed our great intentions, our objectives, and our aim to sell high quality, high profile and prime products on our platform. To revitalize the entertainment world and create great opportunities to the overlooked talented artists who lack the means and knowledge to succeed.

The Great Xilumani, birth name Timothy Overs Mashava, born 1972-02-02. A music artist, who grew up with the habit of singing and dancing African traditional music from his early age, a poet, producer and a song writer. Being born in Africa and grew up under harsh and rich environmental conditions, where the bellowing of animals, the tweets of birds, the brave fifing of the frogs, the rattle of drums and the blast of kudu horns, had made me the sounding pillar filled with melody.

Original Love

Here is our new album Original Love by The Great Xilumani & The Chief Musicians. We are happy to share this album with our esteemed audiences around the world, whose generosity is surpassed only by the great depth of their moral support. Our road goes neither downwards or upwards, our mission is to go forward!  From our hearts and into your souls.